Friday, October 3, 2008

Dreaming away

I woke up feeling nauseous. I've had enough sleep but my mind was restless the whole night. I tossed and turned the entire time and struggled to stay asleep. I had several dreams during the night and they seem so vivid but as soon as I rise, I could hardly recall the details.

I usually have dreamless sleeps so when I have dreams I sense that something's going on with me, like a major change is gonna take place or maybe I'm going through some sort of personal difficulties. Whatever the case, I don't just shrug off these "visits" because I know they tell us something somehow. I remember the story of Joseph in the bible. He was given divine wisdom to interpret the pharaoh's dream and so he was given an important position in the palace. I sometimes wish I have that gift. That way, I will have a glimpse of the future and have a better understanding of how the present circumstances in my life affect my tomorrow. But then, I just have to decide on what's best when presented with choices. I still wonder what these dreams mean but perhaps my mind just wouldn't want to stop working.

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