Monday, October 20, 2008

A refreshing break

My three-day vacation ended today (two restdays and one-day leave). I've had enough rest but was not able to accomplish much. I pretty much just helped out my mom baby sat my nephew on Friday, accompanied my brother to the mall on Saturday and practically slack the whole day on Sunday. My family doesn't usually get to gather around during weekends due to schedule constraints, so I'm glad we were to bond again, especially with my mom. She recounted stories about her father and her siblings that I haven't met yet because they live in the province. I also learned a few things about our clan, but felt sad for some misfortune that has befallen some close relatives. It was enlightening to discover new things about your roots. You also get to understand yourself better. Most importantly, I learned lessons from the life of my kins that I will carefully keep in my heart.
Although not much was carried out during that three-day respite, it was nice to just spend some time away from my very exacting job. I was refreshed and ready to take on new challenges again.

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