Sunday, October 26, 2008

Team building foregone

I decided not to join out team building activity because I agreed to meet with a guy I've been texting with for several months now. I was quite disappointed when I saw him. I wished he was taller and more masculine. There was a momentary awkwardness which was normal since I only saw him once (during my nephew's 2nd birthday), and we didn't get to talk at that time. We decided to eat in a restaurant but we had to explore the mall before we found the right place. We had some talk while eating. I asked him about his former girlfriend, his interests and his family background. I wouldn't say it was great but it was not so boring either. We went to play some games at TimeZone and sang our hearts out at the videoke machine. It was fun. He even took me home. He's really sweet and thoughtful, I could almost fall for him, but I don't think we'd go beyond friendship. It was a nice date though. The first I've had in a very long time. :)

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