Friday, October 10, 2008

"Thank you for calling..." no more?

I am getting so frustrated with the kind of job I have. I long to have a normal life. I want to sleep at night and complete my tasks during the day. I've been in the call center business for more than four years now and haven't accomplish much. I am still an agent. I haven't gone past that position. Am I just slow in achieving my goals or am I just not cut for this career? I'm starting to rethink my life goals. Although it was never my intention to climb high and fast the so-called 'corporate ladder', I sure neither planned to be stagnant and remain as an agent forever.

Maybe I just need to pause and reprioritize or maybe I need a different environment. I'm really getting sick of taking in calls, but what can I do? It's what I'm good at (at least that's what I think). I don't want to settle for a low-paying, 9-5 job. I've got a lot of bills to pay every month. But I really want to experience having a regular schedule.
I may be whining right now but I don't think I'm ready to give up my "all calls", high-paying job just yet. In due time, I will...

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Allena said...

hi girl!!! got ya!! hehehe.... kala mo di kita mahahanap ha??? about your whining, stay positive girl. just always look at the bright side. hahahaha! as if i don't rant about work myself! anyway, you got nice entries here! God bless! See you at work!


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