Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Malling generation

Yesterday, I accompanied my brother to shop for some stuff and take advantage of the three-day sale in Megamall. The trip is usually just 30-minutes long but it took us more than an hour to get there due to heavy traffic. Of course, not only a handful wants discounted items at the mall. Needless to say, getting to the mall was already very stressful, aggravated by the sultry weather that day.
When we got there, it was worse than Divisoria. The clothes were all piled up and you need to
literally dig to find a good buy. After finding about four nice t-shirts, my brother had to fall in a
30 meter-long line to fit the clothes. We then marched to another part of the department store to find more stuff. There was an instance when I thought we lost the basket that contains the items we're about to pay for. I almost panicked. I really did. I was ready to walk out right there and then. I mean, it was not a walk in the part finding those shirts and stuff and then we'd lose it? All efforts would be in vain. Thank God we found it. After falling in another 30 meter-line to the cashier, we headed to the optical shop to look for shades that my brother can use whenever he's biking on the road. We stayed there for an hour just trying to decide which one suits his discriminating taste. It took so long for him to decide and I was already getting impatient. We finally found the perfect pair of eye shades which was not too expensive and the good thing is, it came with another pair of sunglasses for free! Not bad eh?
We went straight to Puregold supermarket to accomplish the much procrastinated task of doing the groceries. We arrived a little more than an hour before the store closes. It's a good thing my mom prepared a list of things to buy and it really saved time. We got home at around 10PM, ate some because we were starved. We didn't eat the whole time at the mall to save money. I was so tired that I slept like a baby for the night. It was truly a stressful experience in this day of malling generation.

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