Monday, February 23, 2009

So unlike everyone else...

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If I try to articulate
what's going on inside my head,
I'm afraid I'm not going to make any sense.
There's this yearning in me
that I know will never be quite satisfied
by anything in this world.
That knowledge keeps me tamed.
But oftentimes, I am so consumed
by a profound want for something
I am well aware I could only have in my dreams.
How long can I keep myself sane
with all the turbulent emotions
battling within me.
It's getting cumbersome to always have to fight
against this all the time.
Why can't I just be like everyone else?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Especially for you...

I never thought that the blogosphere can be a place where concern and friendship can be manifested. I didn't think it possible to connect with people over a virtual environment, but to my surprise, I find that this portal transcends time, age and nationality. I am just so thankful for the people I met here who have constantly painted a smile in my face whenever they leave notes and feedback in my site. Just knowing that someone cared to read what's going through my mind lifts up my spirits and warms my heart.

This entry is especially written to express my utmost gratitude to Ms. Bing, who never runs out of kind and encouraging words to say to me. Her sincerity is simply overwhelming.To UmmeAaiman, who consistently drops by my site and always welcomes me after a long hiatus from blogging, and to Ally, my friend and workmate who has infected me with the blog fever and has this ability to make me feel like a great writer. =) I couldn't think of a better way to express my appreciation.

Thank you also to many other bloggers I come across with every now and then, who inspire me to bare my soul to strangers without fear of being judged (or misjudged) .Because of YOU, I will continue to write about random stuff and about my beliefs, even when I don't really have anything worthy to say.


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