Friday, October 24, 2008

Job-hunting again?!

The other day, I went through a screening process at John Clements, a company that directly hires would-be call center agents. I was asked to choose among four possible companies and I opted for the one that offers the highest salary. They did not reveal the company name until I decided. I thought it was Dell that they partnered with, but turned out it was Siemens. I got a referral and a schedule for exam and interview. It was supposed to be earlier this morning but I didn't make. I let the person in charge know that I wasn't gonna make it. I reasoned that I wasn't feeling well, which is not quite true. I am just terrified to go through the application process. I'm so afraid of being turned down, but I have decided to prepare for it. I will have to brush up my technical knowledge and do some reading before the "big day" arrives. I hope everything turns out well.

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