Sunday, October 12, 2008

A lonely day at the church

I’ve never been that late for a worship service at our church in Day by Day. I seated at the back so I will not disturb other people anymore as I look for an empty seat. The praise and worship segment is almost halfway through. Pastor Ed’s message that day made me want to cry. It was about our personal walk with God. As the pastor mentioned, it’s possible that one is always present at every church activity but totally neglecting personal fellowship with the Lord. As clothes cover our nudity, so is the so-called “corporate worship”. It tends to hide our true identity before God (paraphrased). I was reminded that indeed, we are all naked before God. He looks upon the condition of our hearts more than our ways. I was so broken hearted upon hearing this message; I’m guilty of it. I had to suppress the tears forming in my eyelids.

I had originally planned to join YAMAN members after the service for lunch but I wanted to be alone so I can think and hear God’s voice more clearly. I wanted to be alone so I headed straight to Harrison Plaza to have my lunch. (Ate Judith and other church members saw me eating alone at Greenwich.) I intended to go home after eating but ate Celi texted me and asked where I was. She even called me after awhile and I knew I had to join them at McDo. I wasn’t really in the mood to talk with anybody at first so I kept silent but soon, as the conversation progressed, I can’t help but have fellowship with them and we even tackled about graven images. We showed Janice some biblical passages supporting the teaching that God hates idol worship. It felt good to share what you know and to be listened to. I must admit, I still had a good time and I momentarily forgot my burden.

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