Monday, October 20, 2008

First impressions don't last

For the second day in a row, I took in MOD calls. These calls are not the usual calls from customer but from agents who need approval for issues that require escalation to level 3 department. I also need to assist these agents in resolving difficult concerns and play the "expert" when it comes to technical matters. I honestly don't want to take in these calls as much as possible but I didn't have a lot of options since it's already the senior team leader who asked me to carry out this responsibility. I don't want to go about doing this because I realized I'm not prepared for the job but I can't turn away from it because it's part of my duties as an interim MOD.

I initially enjoyed being an interim MOD. I applied for the position and was elated when I got accepted. I really wasn't expecting it because I felt that I messed in the qualifying exam. It was probably with a stroke of luck that I got accepted. Anyhow, as I mentioned, I really loved carrying out the tasks at first but everything eventually turned sour. I discovered that I don't have the required skills to stay competitive in such a position. One other factor is that I got rejected when I went through the interview process so I can be an official MOD. I remember, I was so ashamed of myself after the interview. I was so devastated. It shattered my confidence and I had to regain myself after that demoralizing experience.

Anyway, earlier I got a call from one of the agents in Ayala (there are other sites, i.e., Bacolod and Cebu). This particular agent has a very strong personality and I always get nervous whenever she asked me questions because I feel like she's measuring me and she doesn't like me (I didn't like her either). Of all subjects she could ask me, it was one where I'm not very familiar with. I tried to assist her the best that I could but it took her awhile to resolve the customer's problem and it was later endorsed for escalation. Afterwards, when we meet in the hallway, I asked her what happened to her call. She recounted it to me and then we talked as if we're very comfortable with each other. I was glad how things turned out because although I never really liked this girl, she doesn't deserve my preconceived notions of her. I now see her in a different light. It made me happy. Indeed, first impressions don't last for me. =)

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