Thursday, October 23, 2008

One proud mama

It's Lodie's (a close friend of mine) birthday today! This is her first birthday as a mom and I plan to surprise her. Yesterday she sent me a message asking when I would visit her and her one-month old baby. She sounded a bit sulky and I understand, because I haven't found the time to visit her since she gave birth. I didn't reply because I already contemplated on giving her a surprise visit on her special day. I hope to make up to her with this surprise.
After my shift, I dropped by Goldilocks to buy her a cake and went straight to their home. I got to see my godson-to-be for the first time! His name is James Nathanael, but we call him Janael. Lodie told me in detail what she went through when she delivered her baby. From what she described, it was truly an excruciating experience. I could almost feel her pain when she underwent the 14-hour labor. If the baby got out a few minutes later, my friend would have been cut through the caesarean section. I'm glad she delivered normally. Thank God!
I could see how content she is with her life. She's so radiant. Really a one proud mom. She's found her God-given husband and now she's a mother to Janael. I feel a bit jealous of her (*wink*).

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