Sunday, September 28, 2008

Web Logging

I honestly don't know what to write in this blog. I just feel somehow compelled to write something. Writing is something very close to my heart. It was a way for me to express my true emotions and pour out my disappointments when I was still younger. I remember back then, I would always resort to composing my thoughts on paper because I knew I couldn't share it to anyone. I could never find anyone who would be willing to listen to my sentiments. I was always the great listener but never the "talker".

Back then, I was able to pen my thoughts with such clarity and passion but things aren't the same now. I am at a lost for words and quite unsure what to say here. I must have gradually lost the gift of writing, but I want to revive it before it's completely gone. I don't want to be a "wicked servant" who didn't know how to use the "talent" given him. I sure want to make the best of life with what I've been dispensed with.

Words may not come easily to me now but I'm sure that as the days progressed, my writing prowess will be honed and I will be more confident of what I put here. I am excited how the next days of my life will unfold. Blogging is something new for me although it's just an old concept clothed in a new form. This is just what I need.

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