Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm voting for Lainy!

Great news here! Jessie of Technology Talks is hosting this contest so we get the chance to vie for a free web hosting of Wordpress blog. I'm not into popularity contest, so I'm joining as a voter. And with this post, I'm casting my vote for the very well-known blogger, Lainy. There are two ways to join, you can either be a VOTER or a CONTESTANT. Here are the exciting prizes up for grabs:

  • FREE Wordpress-only blog hosting for 1 year with 1500MB web space plus unlimited monthly bandwidth. (Domain is not included)

  • CASH Prizes for top 3 winners:

  • 1st Prize: $25 (via Paypal) + 2,000 Entrecard credits

    2nd Prize: $15 (via Paypal) + 1,500 Entrecard Credits

    3rd Prize: $10 (via Paypal) + 500 Entrecard Credits

    For those who are interested in participating as a CONTESTANT, here's what you need to do:

    1. Subscribe to RSS.
    2. Post about the contest in your Blog.
    3. Encourage other bloggers to join so you can earning points.
    4. Convert your readers to join as contestant
    NOTE: Deadline for submission of entry is December 25.

    For VOTERS only, all you have to do is post about this contest in your Blog and mention who you're voting for. NOTE: Deadline for submission of entry is on December 30, 5PM

    There will also be five voters who will receive $10 each (via Paypal) plus 500 EntreCard credits. See, I also get the chance to win! I hope Lainy and I get lucky! :)

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    Scotty's Princess said...

    ! Viv! I just got my connection back. Thanks for the show of support. I so much appreciate the gesture. I hope the 2 of us get lucky!


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