Friday, December 12, 2008

Changes, Changes.

No one gets a reprieve from the ongoing global financial crisis. Just when I thought that we won't be impacted, the abrupt announcement came that merely confirmed the speculations of some. Three days ago, we received the devastating news that our account will cease its operations in the metro and will be moved entirely to our provincial sites. We'll then have to transfer to another account and undergo the usual application process.
I tried to convince myself that it's gonna be alright, but my melancholic nature got the better of me. I'm again sulking and wondering how my plans are falling apart. I had so much hope when I started out in this company, but somewhere along the way, the light I saw ahead started to flicker and now I'm in darkness. The tiniest optimism in me hasn't completely vanished though, somehow I believe that these changes will allow me to rethink my goals. Perhaps this is God's way of saying, "Move forward. Take on a different path." Right now, there's still disbelief in me about what's going on but soon I have to take a step and make the best out of the circumstances.

"God, let your peace be manifested in me so I will not be bothered by such a trivial situation. Grant me strength of spirit and may your light show the way for me."

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Julieanne Paige said...


I can see why you consider my post timely. I also wanted to let you know that the post was timely for myself as in the last week my family has had to consider the news that my sister is losing her battle with cancer.

Sometimes writing is a lesson that needs to be considered for our present situation.

All is well



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