Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I don't get it

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So I've officially joined the Twilight bandwagon. I got to watch it last Sunday in the all-too-crowded cinema at SM MegaMall. Here's what I think about the movie. I probably missed the whole point or perhaps I'm just plain weird but what struck me the most in the movie was not the romantic scenes in it but the instance when Bella had to hurl hurtful words to his father so he could spare him from the impending danger. This may sound so lame but I shed tears for that scene, especially the "I just got you back" part. Here's how their conversation went:

Charlie Swan: Did he hurt you?
Isabella Swan: No.
Charlie Swan: Break up with you or something?
Isabella Swan: No, I-I broke up with him.
Charlie Swan: I thought you liked him?
Isabella Swan: Yea, that's why - that's why I have to leave. I don't want this. I have to go home.
Charlie Swan: Home... Your mom is not even in Phoenix.
Isabella Swan: She'll come home. I'll call her from the road.
Charlie Swan: Your not going to drive home right now. You can sleep on it. If you still feel like going in the morning I'll take you to the airport.
Isabella Swan: N-No I want to drive, it will give me more time to think. And if I get really tired I'll pull into a motel I promise.
Charlie Swan: Look Bella, I know I'm not that much fun to be around but I can change that. We can do more stuff together.
Isabella Swan: Like what? Like watch baseball on the flat screen? Eat at the diner every night? Steak and cobbler. Dad that's you, that's not me.
Charlie Swan: Bella come on. I-I just got you back.
Isabella Swan: Yea, and you know if I don't get out now I'll just be stuck here like mom.


ღ NinieJane ღ said...

ooo.... *sweet*.. everyone's talking about twilight now.. i guess, im left behind. wanna see it ASAP!! hehehe..

visiting u again :)

Nelle said...

I don't think that's lame but more of weird from my point of view, ;-)
That part actually felt awkward for me to watch coz I don't know, maybe for being so random. but the movie is good.

- Nelle of

Michelle said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie. I've heard great reviews.

onangelwings said...

My girlfriend and I saw the movie too and we felt that it was extremely hurtful and I also cried on that line.

Zen Ventures said...

I can't believe how fast the movies go out in different countries at the same time! Awesome! A lot of them here in the US have gone nuts about this movie :)

Mike Foster said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that while I am still recovering from my shoulder surgery, and getting better every day, I still can't type for long periods of time without pain. That said, I enjoyed your post and am glad I dropped by.


Bryan Karl said...

Oooh you're another Twilight fan. The blog that I commented on before you is also a Twilight fan...


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