Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

Got this from one of the blogsites I browsed earlier . Thanks to YOU! I couldn't recall which one it was, but I tried! Sorry. I also want to give credit more importantly to http://subliminal.lunanina.com/ for the opportunity to speak out my mind on the images conjured up by the collection of phrases & words below. It's a truly liberating experience!

Contemplate :: to think about something deep and hard; to focus on one thing. I've contemplated on the implication of the decisions I made in the past.
In the house :: family; both tangible and intangible things
Classical :: music, movie, etc.; undying; always in trend; it never gets old
Quest :: A long and difficult search for something with tremendous significance
Best friend :: An "Abishai"; God's precious gift; Connie, Princess, Ruby. They are the closest to a bestfriend I've ever had. I lost communication with them. I didn't know how to value this gift.
1991 :: The year my father passed away. It was on the first day of September. I was ten. I didn't have a concept of death. I didn't know that someone could be taken away from you permanently. No one is ever prepared for such a loss.
Never will :: Never will you reach heaven on earth
Fool :: Someone who does not give thought to what he says.
Unhappy :: Sad, sulky, not content
Best man :: I have yet to find one. (will one ever come to my life?)

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