Sunday, November 9, 2008

One rough day at work

Some people can really get to you. I've mentioned in some of my earlier posts that I work in a call center. I can't help myself writing about this particular customer who, I think, was so conceited. I mean, he called in to seek assistance and when I try to help him figure out what the problem was, he would go ahead of me and do what he wants to do with his computer without paying attention to my instructions. I've managed somehow to maintain my composure and been very patient explaining things to him that I even ended up assisting him even though the problem is beyond my support boundaries. In the end, we were able to fix the problem which apparently had to with the Operating System not with Internet connection. Although the customer did say the much rehearsed "Thank you" before the call was ended, I was left so frustrated because he ate up almost an hour of my time and that was because he wouldn't listen to what I was trying to tell him. Grrrr...Some people are just so self-absorbed and don't know how to appreciate others. Even if it's my job to guide him through fixing the problem, he should have at least expressed sincere appreciation.
I will try harder not to be that kind of person. I always attempt not to ignore security officers or fast food crews who say "Good Morning" when its my turn to be the customer. I believe that these small things do make a difference. They go unnoticed but definitely not without significance.

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