Monday, February 23, 2009

So unlike everyone else...

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If I try to articulate
what's going on inside my head,
I'm afraid I'm not going to make any sense.
There's this yearning in me
that I know will never be quite satisfied
by anything in this world.
That knowledge keeps me tamed.
But oftentimes, I am so consumed
by a profound want for something
I am well aware I could only have in my dreams.
How long can I keep myself sane
with all the turbulent emotions
battling within me.
It's getting cumbersome to always have to fight
against this all the time.
Why can't I just be like everyone else?


PinkLady said...

I hope you get all the answers soon, Sue. Sometimes we have to go through a difficult period to test our mettle. You'll come out a better and much stronger person in the end.

Blessings to you! Take care.

Bing (",)

Donna Bragg said...

I love your blog! Come to... to receive your "Friends Award".

GOD Bless You!

Your sister in CHRIST,

PinkLady said...

Where are you Sue?

PinkLady said...

Sue are you going through something difficult? If there is anything that bothers you, please don't hesitate to write me. My email address is in my profile page (I think). I am genuinely concerned by your absence.

PinkLady said...

i might be able to help. please contact me if you need anything.

PinkLady said...

SUE, my email address is i didnt receive the email that you mentioned in my blog. please send it again to the above account.

PinkLady said...

Sue, i'm so sorry i still haven't sent you a reply. i wanted to do it earlier but my schedule at the office got too hectic.

in the meantime, i have some awards at my site to cheer you up. i hope you'll find the time to claim them.

blessings to you!

bing (",)

PinkLady said...

hope to see you again here soon :)

sagar said...

every time we think we are getting defeated it is the time actually god is testing us. we have to be peaceful and cool.


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