Friday, January 30, 2009

Fearless! - Am I??

Your Word is "Fearless"

You see life as your one chance to experience everything, and you just go for it!
You believe the biggest risk is being afraid and missing out on something amazing.

Sometimes your fearlessness means you're daring. You enjoy risky activities.
And sometimes your fearlessness means you're courageous. You're brave enough to do the right thing, even when it's scary.

Got this from Pinklady & I grabbed the chance to update my blog. I was surprised with the result. I actually tried to do it the second time, choosing answers that also reflect my possible response/action given the situation. You guessed it, I got the same word. Maybe I really am fearless, I just don't realize it. But I prefer "courageous", because "fearless" can be taken in a negative context. People who don't acknowledge the existence of a Higher Being can be characterized as 'fearless'. But in that context, I dare say it's foolishness. God can not be denied. I'd never want to be labeled that way. I'll end on one note that I take to heart, "...prepare to meet thy God..." (Amos 4:12).


PinkLady said...

I like the word "fearless." Not many people are brave enough to wander into the unknown or to walk past through the uncertain. Courageous, you said? That is a badge of strength... I can see strength of character here.

Sue, I'm giving you another topic to write about in your blog while you're still trying to find the right mood. There is an award waiting for you at my site. Please drop by again to claim it. Congratulations!

Much Love,

Bing (",)

suedonim16 said...

Ms Bing,

Thank you for your unfailing support in my blogging career, lols. It's much appreciated. =)

More blessings to you,


UmmeAaiman said...

Nice to have you back again Sue!! Missed your regular updates.. om


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